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eBen Assist Partners With Collinson To Bring International Travellers Risk Management Services

Photo Credit: eBen Assist

eBen Assist Sdn Bhd has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in partnership with UK-based travel medical service provider, Collinson Assistance to bring the eBen's current service offerings to the Malaysian market.

In a statement, the collaboration will leverage on Collinson's global touchpoints to provide International Travel Risk Management (TRM) services, allowing organisations to effectively assess, mitigate and manage risks amid worldwide threats whether it is from a pandemic or security situation.

Speaking on the partnership, eBen Assist chairman and advisor Mahathir Mahzan said, “We are pleased to have found an extremely capable service provider in the areas of expertise that will complement and enhance our current service offerings. This collaboration will grow our business exponentially going forward.”

eBen Assist chief sales officer Thomas Ng also added that their clients will now have an end-to-end medical administration service that ranges from domestic medical management to international travel medical services.

“Additionally, medical and security assistance has suddenly been given a boost in awareness due to the current high-risk geopolitical situation of wars and terror attacks and we want to capitalise on it.”


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