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DIBIZ Signs MoU With NASH To Benefit Over 150,000+ Smallholders With Blockchain-Powered Platform

A first-of-its-kind marketplace for ethical sourcing management, DIBIZ has partnered with the National Association of Smallholders (NASH)-Malaysia to facilitate 150,000 smallholders with free access to DIBIZ's blockchain-powered platform.

With the demand for sustainable palm oil expanding on a massive scale and projected to multiply in the upcoming years, it is important for smallholders to be included in the supply chain with clear visibility of their contribution to end buyers.

Through DIBIZ, smallholders get a 100% digital workflow that helps save time and cost by carrying out daily activities through an easy-to-use multi-lingual mobile app. Smallholders using the DIBIZ APP can keep track of their daily activities including tracking yield & daily market pricing for better negotiation and receive real-time updates on weight & quality from dealers & mills.

The app also enables all dealers & millers who source crop from smallholders to provide authentication on deforestation free supply chains with confidence.

Mr. Unnikrishnan R Unnithan commented on the momentous occasion, stating that this landmark collaboration is the first time that it enables smallholder visibility in a supply chain using Blockchain technology and empowers smallholders to get remunerative prices and opens up a concrete mechanism for sustainability premiums to be shared with smallholders.

"MNCs that have been looking to source more CSPO from smallholders can now get immutable data on their supply from the DIBIZ Blockchain platform."

Founded in 2019, DIBIZ empowers all stakeholders in the supply chain to embrace sustainability at the lowest cost and democratize the value in sustainability premiums across the value chain covering smallholders.

The DIBIZ Blockchain platform authentication comes with real time satellite imaging data on deforestation surrounding each Mill that receives supply from smallholders and other estates. This authentication is further strengthened by the overall authentication by CONTROL UNION (the world’s leading certification agency for palm oil)


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