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Dear You: Penang's Hidden Piece Of Korean Cafe Culture

Dear You is an unassuming as unassuming can get, because among the many tight corners and inconspicuous amenities that stretch throughout Georgetown, one would never expect what a distinct pink vending machine could lead to.

In truth a secret door, lies a hidden Korean-inspired café doused in shades of pink that's reminiscent of Urban Space Myeongdong, contrasting the surrounding street walls synonymous with Penang's halls. Upon entering, the aesthetic space is Instagram-worthy and a favourite spot for many who are fans of Korean cafe culture complete with wholesome snacks and drinks.

Dear You

Operation Hours: Wed to Mon: 12pm – 7pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

Address: No.495F, Jln Penang, 10000 George Town, Penang

Contact: +6017-456 6587

Photo Credit: Dear You


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