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Cycle & Carriage Singapore Unveils Their First e-Commerce Car Rental Platform myCarriage

With digital transformation proving to be the next step in globalisation, digital service options have been on an influx, especially after the pandemic. Looking to transform the car rental experience, Cycle & Carriage Leasing has launched a customer-centric and unique e-Commerce car rental platform. Dubbed ‘myCarriage,’ customers can view the availability of vehicles in real-time, and make decisions on the desired brand and model right down to the colour.

“When it comes to quality car rental, we want to provide an online platform where customers can get instantaneous confirmation, rather than having to wait for a reply. The freedom to choose the exact make and model right down to the colour of the rental vehicle puts back absolute control and empowerment in the hands of consumers. This aligns with our customer-centric philosophy," said Cycle & Carriage Leasing’s Senior Manager Carine Soh, commenting on the new endeavour.

Through myCarriage, Cycle & Carriage Leasing offers a wide selection of hassle-free services and vehicles to suit the needs of both corporate accounts and individual customers. The new service offers real-time availability of quality cars based on rental period search, reinforcing a true-blue e-commerce experience and instantaneous inventory management.


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