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Cloudwall Capital, FinX Capital Markets Team Up To Build Integrated Derivatives Analytics Platform

Photo Credit: Cloudwall Capital

Digital asset risk specialist Cloudwall Capital has entered into a strategic partnership with FinX Capital Markets, a leading fixed income valuation provider covering $15T in assets, to combine the latter’s advanced derivatives analytics platform with the Serenity digital asset risk platform.

This will enable portfolio managers the ability to integrate complex derivatives on digital assets into their portfolios and Serenity to integrate option greeks; full reval VaR with multiple methodologies, giving it the ability to run stress tests on portfolios including digital assets, perpetuals, futures and options.

"Capital Markets participants are primarily interested in having more choices when it comes to deploying capital,” said FinX Capital Markets CEO Geoffrey Fite. “The FinX platform is designed to address the future of capital markets as it evolves, and Cloudwall Capital is the ideal partner to extend advanced modelling and analytics on digital asset derivatives into the financial institutions globally."

Founded in 2021, Cloudwall Capital, Inc. is based in NYC and Singapore, home to a team devoted to giving institutional investors insights into their portfolios to help guard against risks and capture opportunities. The company's platform, Serenity offers an institutional-grade risk platform with a full suite of risk models tuned for digital assets.

By building on FinX's years of modeling capabilities and world-class cloud calculation platform, Serenity will be able to meet this demand and better serve a changing market.

"Across the spectrum, from OTC desks to digital asset hedge funds, we are seeing growing interest in digital asset derivatives, and we knew it was critical to find a partner to bring this to market faster, " added Kyle Downey, CEO of Cloudwall Capital.

"There is a tremendous amount to build in the coming years to bring the Blockchain Economy to life, and valuation services are a key piece of the puzzle. We are delighted to be partnering with FinX Capital Markets to make it happen."

FinX Capital Markets LLC is a cloud-native analytics and data processing company focused on Capital Markets globally. FinX Platform has possibly the largest Security Database available on a single cloud-native platform, including reference data on all possible security types including private deals, and provides high quality "street-standard" calculations at a speed that is unmatched in other solutions.

Since 2019 the FinX Platform has been used to analyze over US$15T of assets across all investment security types, including Fixed Income, Structured Products, Equities, Derivatives, Futures and Digital Assets.


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