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Citaglobal Pledges to Appoint Woman Director by End of June

Citaglobal Bhd, a public listed company, is committed to meeting Bursa Malaysia's requirement of having at least one woman board member by June 1, 2023. In line with this commitment, Citaglobal had initially nominated a woman director to its board in May.

However, due to careful consideration, the nominated candidate declined the directorship on May 31. She foresaw potential conflicts of interest that could arise from her appointment and decided not to proceed.

Citaglobal has respected the candidate's decision and is actively seeking another qualified woman director to join the board by the end of June 2023. The company recognizes the importance of board diversity and acknowledges the numerous benefits it brings, including improved decision-making, enhanced talent attraction, increased resilience, and stronger stakeholder relationships.

Citaglobal issued a statement expressing its dedication to fulfilling Bursa Malaysia's board diversity requirement and embracing the advantages that come with a diverse board composition.


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