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Celcom Axiata Links With HeiTech To Advance Health Tech In Malaysia

Photo Credit: Celcom Axiata

Celcom Axiata Bhs has joined forces with tech infrastructure company HeiTech Padu Bhd to boost the digital transformation of healthcare services and develop smart technology for the industry. The collaboration, officiated with a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), will see Malaysia’s healthcare services furnished with state-of-the-art tech solutions and smart ambulances decked out with comprehensive real-time information.

According to a joint statement, the smart ambulances will be enabled with high-definition and artificial intelligence (AI) cameras that will monitor the interior conditions of the ambulance, including the driver’s point-of-view (POV).

Additional features also include a fleet management system and GPS tracking system for real-time monitoring and surveillance of the ambulance's whereabouts. Emergency healthcare responders will also be equipped with body cameras that will project a live view and situations of the patient back to the hospital's command centre.

Speaking on the joint alliance, Celcom’s CEO, Datuk Idham Nawawi said that the collaboration would enable the parties involved to leverage on each other's strengths to innovate digital solutions for healthcare services to elevate the medical industry and boost the success of patient rescue rates.

"We are proud to collaborate with HeiTech as their Smart Healthcare technology will be powered by Celcom's widest network coverage, where the reliability and consistency of services are critical."

"Together with HeiTech, we look forward to digitalising our country's healthcare industry with new innovative digital medical services that will help medical professionals in saving more Malaysian lives more efficiently."

Meanwhile, HiTech’s President and Executive Deputy Chairman, Datuk Seri Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib, spoke on the potential of 5G in digital healthcare in assisting healthcare first responders. "We believe the collaboration between the two perpetual trailblazers, Celcom in telco technology and HeiTech in enterprise digital transformation, will be a good showcase of how enterprises cooperate in crafting innovative solutions for the nation.

"The 5G enabled smart ambulance will bring a new meaning to connected healthcare and hopefully it will start a wave of other innovation to benefit the people on the street.”


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