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Capital A To Proceed With AirAsia Aviation & Super App Listing In New York

Capital A Bhd, home to the nation’s budget airline AirAsia, has decided to proceed with their plans to list AirAsia Aviation Group Ltd and airasia Super App in New York, according to Chief executive officer Tony Fernandes.

“We’re planning the listing of AirAsia Aviation, which is private now, and Super App, that’s progressing but we’ll make announcements in due course,” he told reporters during an event at Indonesia’s Silangit International Airport, North Sumatra in conjunction with the inaugural Jakarta-Silangit flight operated by AirAsia Indonesia.

AirAsia Aviation comprises AirAsia Malaysia, AirAsia Philippines, AirAsia Thailand and AirAsia Indonesia.

Mr. Fernandez went on say that the US market listing expected to be fruitful given the liquidity and the diverse investor reach that it can provide. Also, the group would be looking into all fundraising options, including private placement, direct listing or listing via a merger with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).

Additionally, it was announced that the Group would be switching out its narrow-body aircraft, the Airbus A320, with the more fuel-efficient A321 following the recommencement of the aircraft delivery in 2024.

“Our first goal is to get all our 205 planes flying. We’ve 110 flying now and by the end of the year, 160 and probably in the first quarter of 2023 all of them,” he said.


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