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BuzzAR Collaborates with BrandMax & Cloudbae To Push For Generative AI-Powered Marketing Experiences

BuzzAR, a leading immersive marketing platform that transforms offline traffic into visible traffic for businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with Brandmax and Cloudbae to drive the adoption of generative AI in the APAC region.

By combining their resources, expertise and network, BuzzAR aims to help businesses in the APAC region unlock the full potential of generative AI and offer end-to-end immersive marketing experiences that truly resonate with their customers. The partnership with BrandMax and Cloudbae will enable the parties to leverage BuzzAR's immersive technologies and local connections to drive innovation and provide customers with the best advertising and marketing outreach.

"We are excited to partner with Brandmax, a leading advertising listed company and Cloudbae, a smart city operator serving 18,219 enterprises, to push forward the adoption of generative AI-powered solutions such as Metaportal, Metachat, a ChatGPT-powered AI solution in this region." said Bell Beh, Co-Founder and CEO, BuzzAR.

BuzzAR will soon be able to offer a novel avatar experience in real life, in real-time leveraging AR and AI technologies to provide an immersive, fun and novel human experience for end users. Customers will have immediate access to a wider range of expertise, plug and play tools and a better brick-and-mortar immersive marketing experience.

This collaboration will drive the adoption of immersive technologies through Metaportal and help businesses to make their operations more efficient using Metachat, with the continued support of prominent enterprises in adopting immersive technologies.

"We are thrilled to partner with BuzzAR and to have the cross-border opportunity to bring more value exchange and access to China and the Southeast Asia region and vice versa," said Penry Pan, Vice President of Brandmax.


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