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BEST Express Malaysia Aids Johor's Flood-Affected Civilians To Rebuild

Following the flood in Johor, Malaysia that occurred in the end of February that caused more than 50,000 Johoreans to lose their home, BEST Express Malaysia launched a flood relief campaign held from March to April to aid nine affected schools, including nursing homes and religious school affected by the flood.

The donated funds will mainly use for repair and rebuild the damaged facilities in schools.

"We hope our little donation will help our community recover and rebuild after this crisis, though our donation is not big, but our hearts are warm. Hope we all work together to overcome the difficulties and challenges," said Jessy Sun, GM of BEST Inc Malaysia and Singapore.

BEST Express Malaysia's heart-warming action in Johor was also commended by the Ministry of Education's office in Batu Pahat. It praised BEST Express Malaysia's donation, which has brought great benefits to the school. It is also hoped that BEST Express Malaysia's efforts will become a good example in the industry.

In addition, the 9 beneficiary schools expressed their gratitude to BEST's kind deeds. Mr Suhaimi Bin Ismail, director of Batu Pahat District Education office has complimented BEST Express Malaysia for its efforts to help schools affected by flood.

"On behalf of Batu Pahat District Education Office, we would like to say a thousand thanks and hope that these efforts can be continued at any time in the future," he said.


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