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Beike Realsee & Mixgo Unite For Digital Transformation In Southeast Asia's Real Estate Industry

Spatial digitalization solution provider, Realsee has entered into a strategic partnership with Mixgo, a Singaporean-based real estate tech company to promote digital transformation in Southeast Asian real estate market. The agreement will see efforts to further accelerate the adoption of VR and AI into housing services by leveraging the latter's online selling system, Ecoprop.

Ecopropcreated during a time when developers had to depend on video meetings to sell housesallows users to easily search and visit homes virtually, and sign home purchase contracts.

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The system is now being used by a majority of real estate agencies in Singapore, and now supports the generalization of VR-based listings such as VR House Viewing and VR Live Tour.

“Partnering with Realsee is a very critical strategic deployment of the company, as well as a forward-looking deployment to change the current business ecosystem,” commented Guan Wenbing, Founder of Mixgo. “This move aligns with our original intention of bringing 'in-depth information' and 'zero-distance' house show experience to the consumers through digitalization, empowering the real estate industry in Southeast Asia, and reducing its costs during the post-epidemic period."

The two parties are expected to complete the 3D spatial reconstruction of some 30,000 houses this year, covering 30% of the marketing and rental market of new and second-hand properties in Singapore.


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