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Bank Islam Malaysia Asks Users To 'Be U' With Its Newly-Launched Digital Banking App

Photo Credit: Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd

Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (Bank Islam) has officially launched “Be U”, its fully cloud-native digital banking app considered a first-of-its-kind technology stack which is anticipated to be the cornerstone of all upcoming digital banks in Malaysia.

Developed with an engaging and user-friendly interface catered to the younger generation, the banking app will allow users to manage their finances seamlessly without the hassle of visiting a branch. Additionally, Be U offers a savings account that allows zero balance, fund transfer capabilities, and a nest feature that helps users save for specific goals.

“It is a product that intends to redesign and catalyse Bank Islam’s future growth by leveraging the rapidly changing fintech landscape and further allowing customers access to an affordable and easy-to-use financial solution,” commented Group Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Muazzam Mohamed.

“Through Be U, Bank Islam is shifting from being product-centric to customer-centric in building products that fulfill customer needs.”

He continued to highlight that there would be frequent updates to its features over the next 12 months, including term deposit, gig marketplace, debit card, personal financial management, micro-financing, micro takaful and much more.

“We want to turn Bank Islam into an increasingly agile organisation by adopting new ways of working, attracting talents with new skillsets, using the latest technology, and leveraging data and automation. This will, in turn, enable Bank Islam to serve our customers better,” he added.

Available to the public since mid-June, the company estimates that Be U will attract between 350,000 and 400,000 downloads and users within the first 12 months of its launch.


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