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Arkadiah Tech cinches seed round of funding by Golden Gate Ventures

image by Arkadiah

KUALA LUMPUR: Nature tech company Arkadiah Technology has successfully concluded a seed funding round led by Golden Gate Ventures, with participation from The Radical Fund and Money Forward Venture Partners (HIRAC Fund).

While the funding amount remains undisclosed, the investment aims to propel Arkadiah's mission of restoring degraded land through AI-enabled nature restoration.

The company, founded in 2023, focuses on nature-based climate solutions to contribute towards achieving the 1.5℃ target of the Paris Agreement. The company utilises AI, LiDAR, satellite imagery, and ground truthing to streamline the development, monitoring, and credit issuance processes for nature restoration projects.

These projects, such as reforestation and agroforestry, play a vital role in carbon removal and biodiversity enhancement.

The proprietary platform developed by Arkadiah offers transparency and verifiable data, addressing the challenges faced by nature restoration projects, including lengthy processes hindering funding, scaling, and speed. The funding will be utilised to enhance AI models, expand product offerings, and facilitate collaboration with project developers, investors, landowners, and corporations.

CEO and Co-founder of Arkadiah, Reuben Lai, expressed excitement about the support from investors, stating, "Through transformative AI and digital monitoring technology, we are eager to accelerate project funding opportunities and scale needed land restoration to bring the highest quality carbon removal and biodiversity credits in Asia."

Justin Hall, Partner at Golden Gate Ventures, praised Arkadiah's innovative approach, emphasising its significance in achieving climate goals. The platform is specifically tailored for Southeast Asia, a region experiencing significant growth in greenhouse gas emissions, and holds strategic importance due to its tropical forests, biodiversity hotspots, and agriculture-dependent economies.

Arkadiah has already implemented and supports over 15 projects in Southeast Asia and Australia, focusing on pre-feasibility/feasibility studies and carbon stock digital measurements. The new funding positions Arkadiah to strengthen its technological capabilities and expand its impact in the field of nature-based climate solutions.

Alina Truhina, CEO & Managing Partner at The Radical Fund, expressed confidence in Arkadiah becoming a dominant player in the emerging asset class of nature-based carbon credits. The company's multi-pronged approach, powered by deep technology and strategic partnerships, positions it uniquely to provide quality nature-based carbon credits in the Asia Pacific region.

Naoya Kanesaka, Managing Partner at HIRAC FUND, highlighted the increasing demand for sustainable climate solutions and sees Arkadiah as well-positioned to provide quality nature-based carbon credits in the Asia Pacific region, especially as Japan aims for carbon neutrality by 2050.

For more information, visit Arkadiah Technology.


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