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APOM: Embracing Malaysia’s Identity Through Design and Innovation

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In the vibrant streets of Malaysia, a brand has emerged, captivating the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Apom, an abbreviation for "A Piece of Malaysia," has quickly become a symbol of national pride and creativity. Behind this revolutionary venture are the founders of Lucideas, a local Advertising/Branding Agency seeking to create their own brand that truly represents their country.

The story of Apom's inception began with a desire to express Malaysia in a way that had not been done before. The founders, who had been working tirelessly on clients' brands, yearned for complete control over a brand that could represent their nation. With a vision to showcase Malaysia as Malaysians know it, they sought to intertwine good design and ideas into every aspect of the brand.

The inspiration behind Apom sprouted from a disappointing shopping experience at Central Market. Observing the subpar quality of tourist products that failed to capture the essence of Malaysia, the founders questioned if this was truly the best their country had to offer. Motivated to bridge this gap, they recognized the untapped potential in bringing Malaysia's unique culture, language, and culinary delights to life through merchandise.

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To successfully establish Apom, the founders went on a grassroots journey. They started with humble pop-up shops and participated in Riuh Fairs to gauge customer response. However, the true strength of the brand lies in its deep resonance with everyday Malaysians and the courage to reflect their sentiments. It was during a challenging time for the country, when the economy was suffering and political controversies loomed, that Apom decided to be a voice for change rather than a bystander. Their bold statement tees, like "Walao" and "Mahalbro," became instant hits, capturing the frustrations and humor of the nation.

No journey towards success is without its hurdles, and Apom faced its fair share. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns presented the brand with its most significant obstacle yet. As a primarily brick-and-mortar business, Apom had to swiftly pivot to online channels and downsize its team to weather the storm. However, these challenges became catalysts for growth and innovation. Faced with adversity, Apom honed its online presence, launching ambitious projects like #empatbelas, a collaboration with 14 designers from across the country. These experiences not only strengthened the brand's resilience but also propelled it towards new horizons.

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Looking ahead, Apom aspires to rebrand the entire country, showcasing Malaysia's hidden talents to the world. The brand firmly believes that Malaysia possesses immense artistic and creative potential that has yet to be fully unleashed. With unwavering dedication to portraying the unique Malaysian culture, Apom envisions becoming a brand that both locals and tourists can wear with pride. To sustain its growth and foster innovation, Apom plans to expand its physical presence by opening more stores while exploring collaborations with established brands eager to infuse a local twist into their products.

Apom has transformed the perception of Malaysian merchandise, elevating it to new heights with its bold designs and authentic representation of the nation's culture. As the brand continues to evolve and thrive, it serves as a testament to the power of vision, resilience, and a deep-rooted passion for showcasing the beauty of one's homeland. Through Apom, Malaysians can proudly share a piece of their beloved country with the world, encapsulating the spirit of unity and creativity that defines Malaysia as Malaysians know it.


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