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Amway Rolls Out Nationwide Weight Management Programme To Address Non-Communicable Diseases

Amway Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Amway Malaysia) is committed to further strengthening its efforts to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including a key focus on weight management by launching the “Gut Reset-Weight Management” educational and awareness campaign nationwide. This is in line with AMWAY Malaysia’s efforts to support Malaysia’s focus towards preventive healthcare as the growing prevalence of NCDs is placing an increased strain on the country’s health system, with an annual healthcare cost exceeding RM9.65 billion.

AMWAY Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr Michael Jonathan Duong said, "In response to our government's strategy to support the fight against non-communicable diseases, AMWAY, as a leading health and wellness company, recognizes the critical role of the private sector in addressing our national health concerns.

With this in mind, AMWAY Malaysia is stepping up efforts to provide healthier lifestyle products and solutions through the “Gut Reset-Weight Management” educational and awareness campaign, with the aim of encouraging Malaysians to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid the risks of non-communicable diseases."

The “Gut Reset-Weight Management” campaign has a core focus on healthy gut as it is a critical precursor to healthy weight in the long term. The campaign will include a personalized weight and nutritional needs management programme that encompasses a balanced diet, supplements, exercise and a holistic lifestyle change.

The programme is aimed at providing essential daily nutrients and fibre one needs for overall weight control. In addition, the programme offers an individual health screening through an exclusive partnership with Innoquest Pathology, a leading diagnostic company in Malaysia for over 30 years. The launch of the “Gut Reset-Weight Management” campaign forms an important milestone for AMWAY Malaysia this year, further strengthening Nutrilite™'s market position globally for nearly 90 years.

AMWAY Malaysia registered a new record revenue of RM1,514.8 million in the financial year ended December 31, 2022 (FY2022), up 1.9% from RM1,485.9 million recorded in the previous financial year. The increase in sales was mainly due to strong demand for health and wellness as well as personal care products under the Lead with Nutrition initiative. Meanwhile, its net profit recorded a stellar growth of 109% to RM76.88 million compared to RM36.78 million registered in FY2021.

"AMWAY Malaysia has never been stronger, and we are certainly looking forward to building a profitable, sustainable future." Duong concluded.


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