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Alipay+ Enables ComfortDelGro Taxis To Accept Mobile Payments From Malaysia & South Korea Tourists

Photo Credit: Alipay +

Alipay+ has teamed up with Singapore’s largest taxi operator ComfortDelGro Taxi to enable the use of mobile payments from Malaysia and South Korea, specifically through Touch ‘n Go eWallet and Kakao Pay respectively, as cashless payment options in all its Comfort and CityCab taxis.

Apart from cash payment, all ComfortDelGro Taxis currently support about 20 different cashless payment methods. Now, users of these mobile wallets can pay for the cab fare simply through the wallet apps without the need to exchange currency.

ComfortDelGro Taxi’s CEO, Mr Jackson Chia said that this partnership with Alipay+ is a “vital one as it allows cashless payment options such as Malaysia’s Touch ‘n Go eWallet and soon South Korea’s Kakao Pay available on board ComfortDelGro taxis, making it more convenient for both Malaysian and South Korean tourists to pay for taxi fares.”

“This saves them the hassle of having to have ready cash in local currency as they are able to pay the fares upfront on their own Touch ‘n Go eWallet or Kakao Pay App.”

Additionally, Cherry Huang, Ant Group’s general manager of Global Merchant Partnership in South and Southeast Asia, commented on the collaboration saying, “Through the support and collaboration with ComfortDelGro Taxi, we aim to deliver to all users of mobile payments supported by Alipay+ a seamless and smart digital travel experience in Singapore, where they can pay with mobile wallets they are familiar with.”

“This partnership also comes at a great time, as Singapore leads the way in opening up its borders and welcomes tourists back in the city state. We believe this is the perfect moment for tourists to reimagine travel experience post pandemic.”

To commemorate the occasion, a special promotional campaign for Touch ‘n Go eWallet users will also see them receiving instant discounts of RM4 or RM6 off their total fare when they pay for their rides using their apps from now until the 25th of June 2022.

The discounts will vary in different weeks and are limited to the first 300 transactions daily.


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