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airasia Super App Unveils Closed-Loop eWallet Feature, airasia pocket

Photo Credit: AirAsia Super App

The airasia Super App has officially announced the launch of a brand-new feature that will enable users to reload and make payments for all the products and services on the app while being rewarded at the same time.

Dubbed ‘airasia pocket’, the closed-loop electronic wallet is easily accessible through the super app by setting up an airasia pocket account with a few simple steps and is currently available to all airasia Super App users in Malaysia in the Ringgit currency.

“As fintech and neobanks continue to reshape the financial landscape in Malaysia and across ASEAN, airasia Super App is continuing to be an industry disruptor and expand its fintech services by launching airasia pocket,” said Mohamad Hafidz Mohd Fadzil, airasia Super App’s Chief Fintech Officer.

“This aligns with our fintech strategy to drive a seamless user experience and make online payments’ invisible’. By working with our partner Fasspay, users can have peace of mind as this new feature is completely secure, fully compliant, and licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia.”

He went on to highlight some features of the new addition to the superapp, including allowing payments for flights and hotel bookings, as well as on airasia food, airasia grocer, airasia xpress, or when booking a ride through airasia ride.

Additionally, two types of airasia pocket accounts are readily available; the Lite is recommended for everyday use with a wallet size limit of US$113 (RM500), while the Pro account is designed for higher value transactions with a wallet size of up to US$1,135 (RM4,999).

This platform is designed to allow its partners to build and innovate on Fasspay’s full-stack payments platform and offer various payment and financial services to their customers, according to the company.

“This is the final step in closing the loop for the whole airasia ecosystem, which will draw out the true superpower of the airasia Super App,” said Amanda Woo, Chief Executive Officer of airasia Super App. “Having airasia pocket also provides more significant insights into customer behaviour which will assist us in giving better value and more quality services to all our app users.”


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