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AIG places Tesla vehicles on exclusion list on car insurance plan

image via Soya Cincau

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15 — Securing auto insurance for electric vehicles in Malaysia usually poses no significant challenge. However, a recent discovery suggests that if you own a Tesla and prefer AIG Malaysia's auto insurance policy, you might be in a unique situation.

The renowned insurer appears to have placed Tesla on its exclusion list for the AIG Comprehensive Car Insurance plan, as outlined in their terms and conditions on the official website.

This revelation, shared by Azlan Mahmud on the Malaysia Electric Vehicle Owners Club (MyEVOC) Facebook group, has sparked intrigue among the EV community.

But Tesla vehicles are not the only ones facing peculiar restrictions; the terms and conditions reveal a lengthy list of vehicles that AIG Malaysia declines to insure. Surprisingly, even the Toyota Hilux pickup truck and the Alphard and Vellfire MPVs with a sum insured exceeding RM150,000 fall under this exclusion.

Sports, performance, and modified vehicles are also subject to this restriction. Additionally, individuals under the age of 30 face limitations in obtaining insurance for their vehicles.

However, after a closer look, the terms and conditions displayed on the website may not present the complete picture of AIG Malaysia’s Comprehensive Car Insurance plan.

Upon contacting AIG Malaysia’s customer service hotline for clarification, it was revealed that while online submissions for Tesla vehicles are not accepted, there's a workaround. Potential Tesla owners can still secure auto insurance from AIG Malaysia by submitting their applications manually through insurance agents. Nevertheless, approval is contingent upon the company’s auto department.


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