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Agmo Holdings Founds AI-Powered Sales App To Bolster SME Digitalisation

Dedicated to supporting SMEs on their digital journey by improving their productivity and competitiveness, Agmo Holdings Berhad has launched their very own AI-powered Sales Force Automation (SFA) app dubbed 'Agmo Sales'.

A SME-budget friendly platform, Agmo Sales will simplify the B2B sales processes and would address major back-end sales processing pain points faced by SMEs, making digital adoption a much easier decision,

According Chief Executive Officer of Agmo Holdings Berhad, Tan Aik Keong, digital transformation remains an uphill climb for SME in the country. "Some business owners/operators find it cumbersome, expensive and a complicated effort as they are not aware of relevant digital technologies and have limited IT capabilities.”

"Designed with sales processes optimisation at its core, Agmo Sales will reduce the efforts needed in sales processes by helping businesses track customer payments and provide better recommendation of products. In addition to streamlining the sales process, it also provides essential information on orders, pricing, and payment status, at the users’ fingertips”, Tan added.

Equipped with an intelligent search feature and AI-powered recommender, Agmo Sales enables SMEs to conveniently find and recommend products and eliminates the need for heavy and complicated physical catalogues and reduces the burden of excessive manual data entry, making it easier to read and comprehend orders and enquiries.

"We are committed to help SMEs optimise and digitalise their sales operations in a way that is easily accessible, traceable and visible, in lieu of lengthy paperwork. That is our vision of a full digital transformation in Malaysia,” concluded Tan.

Established in 2017. the home-grown digital solution and application development specialist and its subsidiaries are principally involved in digitalising its customers' business operations by developing mobile and web applications since 2012, as well as the provision of digital platform-based services.

Having developed more than 100 mobile applications in line with the latest market trends and demands, the company also offers digital platform-based services to clients such as blockchain-based e-polling, customer-healthcare professional virtual interaction, as well as e-commerce related transactions.

Agmo Sales is part of the group’s latest suite of retail solutions under Agmo Retail. It is designed to support businesses across a wide range of key industries, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), medical instruments and food and beverage (F&B), allowing businesses to unlock the value of digitalisation and further improve their operational efficiency.


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