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5.5G now a reality in Malaysia, as Maxis and Huawei begin trials at KLCC

Maxis and Huawei have ignited Malaysia’s pioneering journey into 5G-advanced technology with a groundbreaking trial at KLCC. Dubbed 5.5G, this cutting-edge technology promises lightning-fast speeds, ten times faster than current 5G networks, and the capacity to connect ten times more devices and significantly reduce latency for real-time applications.

At the heart of KLCC, Maxis and Huawei showcased the immense capabilities of 5.5G, achieving an astounding ultra-high speed of over 8Gbps. This momentous event was graced by Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Chairman Tan Sri Mohamad Salim Fateh Din.

The 5.5G exhibition at Suria KLCC park unveiled a series of captivating demonstrations showcasing the technology's prowess in handling ultra-high bandwidth and millisecond latency. Visitors were treated to real-time high-resolution video streaming with augmented reality (AR) layering and live 3D video streaming via stereoscopic displays, offering immersive 3D experiences.

5.5G not only elevates connectivity to unprecedented levels but also unlocks the potential for many Internet of Things (IoT) devices within the same network footprint. The technology introduces RedCap (Reduced Capability) devices, driving down costs and power consumption for wearables and embedded devices while enhancing power efficiency and compactness. Additionally, passive IoT devices, requiring no batteries, promise extended longevity and reduced maintenance for smart devices.

Reflecting on the milestone achievement, Maxis CEO Goh Seow Eng expressed pride in spearheading Malaysia's and Southeast Asia's foray into 5.5G technology. Emphasising its potential to revolutionise industries and economies, Maxis looks forward to leveraging this technology to drive digital innovation and propel Malaysia's digital aspirations.

Huawei Technologies Malaysia CEO Simon Sun hailed Malaysia's leadership in digital infrastructure and its commitment to digital transformation. As a global leader in ICT solutions, Huawei is dedicated to advancing Malaysia's digital journey and showcasing its prowess on the global stage.

The 5.5G trial marks a pivotal moment in Malaysia's digital evolution, heralding a future of unparalleled connectivity and transformative innovation.


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